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Grow Your Business?

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We use modern internet marketing tools to generate tens of thousands of call leads monthly throughout all 50 states. Then we direct those leads to Wildlife Removal companies like yours, you write the service, and you bill the customer.

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Step 1

Homeowner or business owner searches for wildlife removal information or services

They either research common problems, such as "rats removal," "raccoon poop," or "animals in attic," or they try to get in contact with a local company to help them solve their problem.

Step 2

Customer is directed to one of our referral sources

Their business is directed to you based on location and common search criteria. Our marketing mediums don't have our logos, or branding anywhere–it's your site, found organically.

Step 3

Your customer is sent to your business

Your referral page will have an overview of your business (list of services offered, technicians names, certifications, or any other important information), and a few photos you wish to display on the page. The customer is also given a local, virtual telephone number that routes directly to your office. All calls through that number are tracked to help you make the most of your sales leads, and you can check these reports 24/7.

Step 4

Service costs, and what we guarantee to you

We bill per lead call taken through our virtual number, exluding duplicate calls from the same number. We don't bill if your business doesn't receive calls through our service. Invoicing options vary by region and call volume– Contact us today for rates and availability in your area.

Unlike other aggregate lead-generating Web services out there, we don't charge per click, because pay-per-click advertising provides less viable leads than phone leads. Our service is designed to guaranteed you the opportunity to engage your customer for each lead you are paying for.

For the average-sized Wildlife Company, building a Web site may not be a fiscal possibility.

In order to stay competitive in this industry, companies like yours need to have a presence on the Web, and be searchable. For the average-sized Wildlife Company, building a Web site may not be a fiscal possibility. There are thousands of Web sites, and even more searches being done every day for services your company provides.

Here is an example of a client's cost to maintain a Web site. It can be extremely expensive to maintain a single wildlife website, and monitor how many different keywords are used. We run a very complex algorithm to make sure our services say at the top of search results.

To do this on your own would cost almost $53,000 a month in Google Adwords. That’s not guaranteed sales for you, that’s just to stay visible!

Pricing / Contract

There’s not going to be a lot of fine print here. We believe in keeping it simple. We don’t charge a monthly subscription fee. And there are no hidden fees or charges. Initially when you join our team, we will collect 3 photos from you, and whatever information you want on your listing (such as hours of operation, technicians names, etc).We will then get you listed in the areas you serve, you will provide us area codes of where you would like to be available to be contacted for.

We will then get you listed in the areas you serve, you will provide us area codes of where you would like to be available to be contacted for.

As previously mentioned, there is no monthly service fee, if you somehow manage to take zero referral leads from us during a month (has never happened before), then you owe us nothing. If you take 100 calls (answered or unanswered by you) you owe us the rate per call, multiplied by 100.

For every $500, or end of the month (net 30 days), whichever comes first, we will automatically charge your credit card on file, that you provide us at time of initial setup.

Like every company, we do have overhead, and this does cost US money to set up and to establish your profile, we do require an initial 90 day agreement, after that, you can cancel at anytime, by providing us a 30 day signed notice, wishing to do so. Months are billed in full, and we don’t do partial months.

Currently we have a 99.7% continuation rate of existing customers, with over 4 years worth of clients. Because there is no minimum monthly cost, and you only pay for the calls that come into your office. There is simply no reason not to partner with us.

We are 100% independently owned, and our call center is located in the United States. In the event you have questions, you will have your own, dedicated representative you can call directly anytime you need.

Thank you, and we look forward to a long lasting, prosperous relationship!